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" Grazing" Original Print
2001 "A Cow Oddysey "Cowlendar
2008 Christmas Tree Cards
2008 Cowlendar
2009 Holiday Cards
2018 Limited Edition Giclee Prints Signed &Numbered 1-25
2019 Woody Jackson Cowlendar
A Cow's Alfalfa-bet
America's Pastime Poster
America's Pastime Tee
Animation for Ben & Jerry's
Barn Again Notecards! Barn Again.
Barn Door Entry Mat
Belle Bovine
Black Lab Notecards
Black Labs and Golden Switchcovers
Bo Lab
Border Lines
By the Seashore
Calf Dresses
Cat Cleaning Tee
Charlie's Holstein Nightshirt
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Cooking Cow Aprons
Counting Cow Book
Counting Cows Board Book
Counting Cows Book
Counting Cows Book
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Cow Notecards
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Goldens, Labs and OtherBest Friend Switchcovers
Good Dog Tee
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Holstein Glassware
Holy Cow Screen Saver
Holy Cow Tee
Independent Pets and Wild Animals
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Lacross Tee
Limited Edition Giclee Prints, Numbered & Signed1-25
Moo Cows and Labs Switchcovers
Moovelous Mugs
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Oil Paintings
Original Artwork
Original Paintings
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Rosebud Tee
Rubin's Cow and Vermont Barn Hooked Rug Pillows
Rubin's Cow Cut Out
Rubin's Cow Infant Tees or Onesies
Rubin's Cow Tee Shirt
Salad Servers
Soccer cows T
Sophie GoldenTee
Springer Tee
Switchcovers / Switchplates
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Talking Rubin the Cow App!
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The "Ben & Jerry's" Story
The Vermont Barn
Vermont Fall Tee or Longsleeve Tee Shirt
Vermont Tote Bag
Water Bottles
Weekly Moos
Wishing You Were Here
Woody Jackson's Address and Birthday Book
Woody's Bio
Yellow Lab Tee